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Marie Raby

Business Name: Nurorightbrokenartist
Type of Work: Mostly oil pastels I also do acrylic and oil paint as well as hair dye fingernail polish and makeup

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Facebook: Nurorightbrokenartist. Or Marie Waddell (Raby)


I always say, "welcome to my brain", nuoart deciphering my feelings emotions experiences and ideas. all my life. I have always been creatednand expressionative as a child. I loved to play alone with is my imagination. I was never lonely nor bored. I am a survivor of severe child abuse from diapers till I was 7. At the age of seven my grandparents saved my life gave. They gave me a great remaining childhood. I never let my past cripple me nor do I let my past dictate my future. Though I did grow up with emotional complications, I did have my issues and what I call my handicaps but I have never allowed them to get the best of me. I share my experiences, I share my battles and I share my growth. I've always used art and mainly just charcoal art as my own personal therapy. I never shared my abilities. My daughter is the one that encouraged me to start using different mediums and drawing different types of things she is the reason I have come about myself and my abilities. So now I'm ready as people ask me to do share my art with the world. Here I come world.I hope you're ready.

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