How do I…

How do I make changes to my AFAS-hosted Artist Page?

The quickest and easiest way to update or change the contents of your Artist Page (that appears on the AFAS website)
is to contact the site administrator by filling out the Contact AFAS form and selecting the Artist Questions subject. The changes will be made and then
notify you by email that they have been made.

It is good to keep your Artist Page updated and vibrant. Some suggestions:

  • Create and update a biography.
  • List your latest projects – with pictures if possible.
  • Explain the process or philosophy used to create your work.
  • Announce shows you participate in.
  • List places (online and brick-and-mortar stores) that carry your work.
  • Awards you’ve won.
  • Pictures of new works.
  • Links to your own website or Facebook page.

Any of these help your fans follow your career, and help us help you expand your exposure.

What happens after I submit work for an exhibit?

All entries go electronically to the members of a curating committee. Currently the committee consists of seven AFAS board
or associate board members.

When you finish submitting all entries you should get an immediate acknowledgement on your computer screen. You should
also receive an acknowledging e-mail. If you do not receive these acknowledgements, please send us a question via the
“Questions?” function on the Submissions page. Also please check that your submitted e-mail address is correct on your AFAS artist page.

Each of the seven curators reviews each of your entries anonymously, to avoid favoritism. They also do not know how other
curators vote. The system counts votes, and when six curators approve or four disapprove an entry you are sent an e-mail
telling you so. Note that it is possible to have some but not all of your entries approved. Approved entry e-mails also
provide details about getting your work(s) physically displayed in the gallery.

You should get an e-mail about each entry – if you do not, please send a question as outlined above. The time this process
takes can vary depending upon each curator’s schedule, but should finish soon after the submission deadline.

It is possible that questions amongst the curators could come up, and those are dealt with during curator committee
meetings. They may contact you for more information, or if their decision affects your entry’s approval or disapproval.

Please note the cut-off date for submissions for the exhibit you are entering. It is best to avoid the last minute crunch by
entering before this date.

How can I sell my work in the Red Dog Fine Craft and Gift area?

All AFAS artist can submit work for the Fine Craft and Gift area. You will need to schedule an appointment with the Red Dog Manager
and bring in a few pieces of your artwork that you want to sell in the Gallery for review and approval. Please contact the
Red Dog Manager by filling out the Contact AFAS form and selecting the Red Dog Gallery subject to schedule a time to come in with your pieces. Details on commissions and when you would be paid for
sold pieces will be discussed if/when pieces are approved.

How can I become a Featured Artist at the Red Dog Gallery?

Check the AFAS web site. Under the “Red Dog Gallery” tab select the “Featured Artist” menu item to find if they are having
a call for artists. If they are not currently calling artists, please check again in a few weeks because they will call
for artists periodically.

To be eligible as a Featured Artist you must meet these requirements:

  • Be an AFAS member.
  • Have a minimum of 9 to 15 pieces of work ready for a cohesive show.
  • All work should not have been shown in Winston-Salem during the past 6 months (unless some of the pieces are part
    of a retrospective collection).
  • Able to submit at least 6 images that represent your collection.
  • Have a name for the exhibition and description of the concept.
  • Able to provide a Full Artist Statement.
  • Able to debut the show during the First Friday Gallery Hop of the period of your show. The artist has the option
    to choose to have an additional reception at another time.

If you are interested in being considered as a Red Dog Featured Artist:

  • Complete the on-line submission form on the Featured Artist page.
  • You will receive an email that your submission was received.
  • The Red Dog Curators will review your submission and you will be notified by email if you have been accepted.
  • If accepted you will be contacted by the Red Dog Curator team to set-up an interview time, to discuss details about
    your exhibit.
  • Red Dog Gallery will feature the selected artist at its monthly Gallery Hop with a reception for that month's featured artist(s).
  • If you have any questions related to this, please submit a question to the Curator team using the "Questions" link
    at the top of the submission page.
  • Please note that spots for featured artists are scheduled 10-24 months out

Are there physical requirements for works to be displayed in the Red Dog Gallery?

All work should be exhibition ready. 2-D artwork must be framed and securely wired or on securely wired stretched canvas,
finished on all sides (painted or framed). No clip mounting or saw tooth hangers will be accepted. If not adequately prepared for display,
artwork will be withdrawn from the exhibition. The AFAS Group reserves the right to refuse any submission that it deems unacceptable.

Dimensions vary depending upon requirements for each show, which will be specified during the call for artists. Generally,
for 2D artwork the maximum size is 48" X 60". Generally for 3D artwork the maximum size is limited by being able to fit
through a door with a width of 4' and a height of 7'. 3D pieces should weigh no more than 200 pounds. However, again
please check the exhibit rules for the show you are entering for actual size restrictions.

All work is subject to safety constraints. Please notify the Red Dog Gallery, before delivery, if your work has possible
issues (such as sharp edges or requires special mounting).

How can I become a Showcased Artist in the monthly newsletter?

If you are an active AFAS artist, contact the Newsletter Administrator by filling out the Contact AFAS form and selecting the Artist Questions subject.

Here is what you need to include:

  • Your name
  • A brief bio or artist statement about your work.
  • Where your work can be seen/purchased.
  • 4-6 pictures of your work to include in the newsletter will be requested via email once your intial request is processed.

The newsletter administrator will contact you to let you know what month you will be showcased and if any other information
is needed.

How can I volunteer at one of the Saturday ArtJams in the Unleashed Arts Center?

Saturday ART Jam -- one of our year-round AFAS sponsored youth arts & education programs -- happens on the 1st and 3rd
Saturday of every month at Unleashed Arts Center from 12:30 to 3:00PM. Unleashed Arts Center is located on the 2nd floor
at AFAS Center for the Arts, 630 N Liberty Street in the Downtown Winston-Salem Arts District.

If you are interested in volunteering for a Saturday ArtJam, the first step is to contact the Program Manager Stweart Knight
via phone or email (contact information is listed below).

If you have an idea for a project for the Saturday ArtJam (we love new ideas!!), email the Program Manager Stewart Knight
(contact information is listed below) with the following:

  • A brief description of the project
  • A picture of a sample of the finished project
  • Supply list of what would be needed to complete the project

Contact the Program Manager by going to our website and filling out the Contact Us form and selecting the Saturday Art Jam subject.

How can I get my events/classes in the monthly newsletter Artist Happenings section?

If you are in a show, teaching a class, doing an art related community project, setting up at a show, painting a mural,
etc., contact the Newsletter Administrator by filling out the Contact AFAS form and selecting the Artist Questions subject.

Deadline for information to get to the Newsletter Administrator is the 20th of each month for the next month's newsletter.
The newsletter is typically sent out 1 week before the First Friday Winston-Salem Gallery Hop. Your information will be
included in the next month's newsletter if received by the 20th of the month.

Here is what to include:

  • Your name.
  • Description of the show, event, class, etc.
  • Date/Time/Location of the show, event, class, etc.
  • Cost
  • Age limits/family friendly/adult
  • Contact information for questions - phone and/or email.
  • Include a picture or flyer if you have one. This can be emailed once the initial request is processed.

Let us know what creative, artistic, fun things you are up to and we will try to help spread the word.

How can I participate in Public Art Initiative programs?

AFAS has a number of Public Art projects:

  • Archway to the Arts
  • Art Tower
  • Concrete Canvas
  • Mannequin Shenanigans
  • Murals
  • Unleashed on the Green

If you are interested in becoming involved with one or more of the Public
Art projects, please contact the Public Art Coordinator by filling out the Contact AFAS form and selecting the Outdoor Art Gallery/Art Towers/Murals subject.
Please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information - email and/or phone number
  • Which public art projects you are interested in
  • Ideas that you have for the specific project you are interested in

How can I get scheduled to perform at the Artivity on the Green park?

We love to have bands playing in the Artivity on the Green Park in the Ribbons of Steel!!!

If you are interested in scheduling a time to play in the park, please contact our Music Coordinator by filling out the Contact AFAS form and
selecting the Music/Band Inquiries subject to see if the park is available for the time you want.

Here is the information you need to include:

  • Band Name
  • Type of music
  • Date you want to play
  • Start and end time you want to play
  • Contact email and/or phone number
  • If you require power