About Us

Mission Statement

Build, educate and celebrate community through ART.

The AFAS Story

Officially, we're The AFAS group.

That's the formal name for Art for Art's Sake, a Winston-Salem volunteer-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to "build, educate and celebrate community through art".

We initiate and/or support a wide variety of special events and programs - all free to the public - that are designed to further the creation and enjoyment of art at the local level.

In addition, through student scholarships and artist mentoring, we encourage the development of new and emerging artists throughout the community.

Board of Directors
Tim Adams
Terri Beam
Rita Bennett
Heath Combs
Cheryl Davis
Kendall Doub
Sylvia Green
Betsy Hamilton
Marsha Hierl
John Jackson
Kim Jackson
Harry Knabb
Julie Knabb
Stewart Knight
Richard Miller
Donna Pellett
Gary Pellett
Ellen Rosenberg
Gwen Scott
Deboranell Smith
Marian Smith
Cindy Tesh
Courtney Wells
Dennis Wells
Associate Members
Charlie Davis
Jim Pica
Inge Smith
Mark Smith
Deborah Willard

Honorary Board Members
Guy Blynn (1945 - 2014) (Member)
Senator Richard Burr (Senior US Senator from NC)
Ron Hunter (Member)
Mayor Alan Joines (Mayor of Winston-Salem)
Jason Thiel (President, Downtown WS Partnership)

Legal Council
Heather Kiger (Council)