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Featured Artist: R. Franklin Zinckh

Show Name: Zinckh Genesis I : Color & Form Exhibition

Description: Artist Statement

The Zinckh-Genesis I: Color & Form exhibit is my first. The theme is primarily one of simplicity- vibrant color schemes organized through form manipulation. Here, technique and process may be grouped into 7 distinct categories for that series of work. For instance, in Genesis I, the color theme is dominated by the organization of color: an interplay between a loosely constructed center mass against two more tightly constructed outer rings. In Stratus, color is dominated by the feeling of a form being stretched and pulled upward, into the stratosphere, a feeling of movement.

The Exordium Primordium series emphasizes perception of 'depth' in form construction. The goal is to give the viewer a glimpse of juxtaposition (distinct layers separated in space) to add intrigue. The technique used involves layering, therefore is distinct from any drip or Pollock-like methods.

Union/Division is a series employing tight triangular forms using stark color schemes to further emphasize distinction/division. Taking a step back from these divisions reveals cohesion among groups of forms similar to construction of a triangle or rectangle using separate pieces. This theme drew from my academics in the sociological study of individuals formation into groups (dyads through cultures). The theme for the Culture/Symbolism series is similarly drawn from my socio-cultural academic studies.

The Chromatic JND work utilizes a technique distinct from the others. The goal was creation of a work where the viewer would not immediately, but only eventually distinguish separate forms hidden within the entanglement of overall color and form. Again, this work was inspired by academic studies in psychophysics- the psychology of perception drawn upon the work of Ernst Weber and Gustav Fechner where differences in human perception were labeled as JND (just noticeable differences).

The 'G' series and 'S' series collection employs a different technique. Here, the form color takes is largely dependent on randomness as the medium is poured onto the substrate with the only control being the rate of the pour and tilting of the substrate. Layers are added forming depth and variation. Bio-Morph utilizes the same technique but with the addition of pigment/medium augmentation.

Chroma Quilt utilizes another technique where separate 'pieces' were organized into a symmetrical patchwork similar to one style used by quilt makers.The work is intentionally mounted apart from the canvas around the edges to emphasize 'quilt' characteristics.

Show Start Date: 07-04-2017 Show End Date: 07-31-2017

Reception: 07-07-2017 Times: 7-10pm

Some samples of his works


Union DivisionII


Culture and Symbolism