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Featured Artist: Stewart Knight

Show Name: The Cost of...

Description: "The Cost Of… is a collaboration Co-show between Artists  Stewart Knight and Cheryl Ann Lipstreu. Stewart and Cheryl Ann competed together in the 2015 Living Art America North American Championships and took home the 1st place prize. We are delighted to have the opportunity to paint together again and to welcome you to see our creations. The show's theme "The Cost Of..." will be reflected in the pieces and hopefully will leave the viewer with a lasting impression of what costs are relevant to them.

1,2,3 .... The Costs Of ...... What is relevant to you? What does the word "Cost" mean to you? How do you apply "Costs" and "Art" together in your mindsets? We hope this visual journey in our exploration of the theme "The Cost Of..." helps you to gain a clarified insight on our artists minds. We hope you enjoy the show. 

Meet Stewart and Cheryl during Gallery Hop, on Friday July 7th and check out this thought provoking new exhibit.

Stewart Knight
Born 1973—Mixed media artist 
Stewart Knight creates painted images and sculptures using various layering techniques of paint, varnishes, 2 dimensional as well as 3 dimensional materials to create a dream like worlds filled with simplistic visions that layer together along with characters interlaced between the real and almost dream like thoughts.. that can some days be ethereal and light and playful to worlds that are heavy dark and forbodened with disenchanted shadows and a almost nightmarish feel…Stewart currently works out of SpinStar Studio #6 located on the second floor of  The AFAS Center For The Arts.

Cheryl Ann Lipstreu 
Raised with a large family on an a working horse farm in Belews Creek NC,  Cheryl fell in love with art at an early age. Colors, forms and vibrations of patterns spoke to her clearly then and they have been continuously guiding her path towards an ever creative future. Cheryl always knew she would be an artist and that her pursuit of art was to bring happiness to the world through her talents. After many years of focused classical training and study she followed in the footsteps of the Classical Masters through advancement of her skills. This education has infused her work to a higher level of ability and both her body painting and commissioned painting have received national, local and global accolades. Currently Cheryl is located with a working studio in downtown Winston Salem NC where she exhibits collections in national galleries and welcomes commissions from around the world.

Show Start Date: 07-02-2019 Show End Date: 07-28-2019

Reception: 07-05-2019 Times: (7-10 pm)