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Featured Artist: Mark Cole and Clifton Taylor

Show Name: After/Light

Description: Recent paintings of Nature and Light by Mark Cole and Clifton Taylor

September 1 - October 29, 2022

Show Start Date: 08-29-2022 Show End Date: 10-29-2022

Reception: 09-02-2022 Times: (6-8 pm)

Clifton Taylor is an artist living in Winston-Salem. An internationally recognized theatrical designer, author and lecturer, he is always interested in the subjects of Color and Light. His painting work, most often working in oil with occasional forays into other media, is usually done Plein Air. His work is most closely allied with the Cape School of Art, an American Impressionist school. He has been spending summers in Cape Cod, MA and Santa Fe, NM and spends rest of his time in Win-ston-Salem, where he on the faculty of the NC School of the Arts..

Mr. Taylor's book "Color & Light: Navigating Col-or Mixing in the Midst of an LED Revolution" is available on Amazon and as an Ebook on all ma-jor platforms. More of his work can be seen on Instagram @clifton.taylor.art and @clifton.taylor.design

Mark Cole is an emerging artist who plans to disman-tle your ideas of redemption and embrace social
justice reform while doing so. Born and raised in
Upstate New York, now a resident of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Mark has a devotion for creation,
advocacy, and accountability- which breathes life into every aspect of his art.

A succinct explanation of Mark’s artistic inspiration can best be expressed in the words of the artist
himself: “The creative process for me is one that is both automatic and emotional. The majority of my works are inspired by first looking at the world as a beautiful pallet of God’s love. One of the “tools” that I use to express my inspiration is realized through the music I listen to - from the beat, lyrics, and emotions I feel from the music - while I am creating. For me, creating my art is like being on a roller-coaster; ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and turns. Paint-ing for me, like life, is constant movement and con-stant change. The creation process is cathartic, al-lowing my emotions to spill out onto my canvas as a release and hopefully an inspiration to others.”

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