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Featured Artist: Dennis Wells

Show Name: A Conversation With Old Friends

Description: Artwork of Dennis Wells
Curated by Chad Beroth

A retrospective selection of works from artist Dennis Wells curated by Chad Beroth.

Dennis Wells Artist Statement:
Creation is my passion, my outlet, and my addiction. My thoughts are in constant motion as I take in the world around me. The blend of stimuli that make up my experiences can feel overwhelming and beyond understanding. Art provides me an opportunity to try and capture a still frame from this chaos and share it with others. My goal is not to depict life as it appears to the eye of the observer but instead to bend life through the prism of my interpretation.

Chad Beroth Curator Bio:
Chad Beroth is an artist living and working in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. His work has been shown in numerous galleries and museums across the United States and abroad.

Chad Beroth Curator Statement: 'A Conversation With Old Friends' is a visual journey through the work of artist, Dennis Wells. This retrospective is primarily centered around a body of work created by Dennis Wells over the last decade of his professional career to offer the viewer an intriguing glimpse at the artist's progression as a professional artist,

Notes from curator, Chad Beroth:
I've known Dennis Wells for about four years, and I've known his work a few years longer than that, as we both became involved with the Winston arts community around the same time back in 2008. I've enjoyed watching the progression of Dennis's work over the years, and I was honored when I was asked to curate a collection of his work for the Red Dog gallery.

From an archive of hundreds of works, I selected the 100 or so pieces that I felt best illustrated the story of Dennis's art. It was my goal to assemble a collection of Dennis's work that would serve as both an introduction to new viewers who aren't familiar with his art, and as 'a conversation with the old friends' who know his work well.

I have enjoyed the opportunity I've had to get better acquainted with Dennis's art through the process of putting this show together for you, and I hope you enjoy your journey through his work as much as I have.

Show Start Date: 10-01-2019 Show End Date: 10-26-2019

Reception: 10-04-2019 Times: (7-10 pm)