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Type of Work: Assorted beads, crystals,

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My entire professional career was invested in working with at-risk populations: youth, single moms, incarcerated men and women, and former offenders. I had a real passion to help them find their own inner strengths and change their lives for the better. By offering a series of life skills designed to empower participants, I knew that they could increase their competence and confidence that transform their lives and futures! I was fascinated as I watched each new group embrace their newfound sense of self-worth. Each person’s journey was unique and inspiring, fueling my internal drive to do more within our communities to pave the way for second chances while strengthening the workforce.

When I began to learn the art of peyote free form beading, my goal as very similar as when I worked with my clients. I wanted each piece to stand out on its own…to be seen as something that made you walk away with a good feeling. I wanted to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that spoke to its owner, creating the sense of feeling special, unique and exceptional!

Because I don’t use a pattern, each new piece of jewelry and the stones therein take me on their own path. Although I have an initial idea of what I want the finished product to look like, I am always surprised by the end result. The process fascinates me, and in keeping with the Navajo tradition of whispering a blessing for each bead weaved, keeps me in the spirit of gratitude. Each piece of jewelry makes its own distinctive statement, speaking specifically to those who appreciate the art. I hope that my jewelry becomes a special addition to the owner’s collection, providing a memorably beautiful experience, empowering the wearer to claim her own stunning, exquisite self!

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