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William Hough

Business Name: Bonita Photos
Type of Work: Photography

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William D. Hough is a globetrotting artist hailing from Brazil (from US parents), whose lens has captured the beauty and diversity of the world. Fluent in multiple languages, his fascination with various cultures informs his photography, which spans a rich spectrum of themes and aesthetics.
In 2005, he founded Bonita Photos (, dedicated to capturing the world's beauty. In 2009, he answered the call of Venice, creating captivating commercial photographs for local merchants.
Hough's work achieved acclaim in 2012 when "The Wailing Wall" joined the prestigious private collection of Joseph and Toby Tanenbaum, renowned art contributors in Ontario, Canada.
Miami became his canvas in 2015, where he showcased his art for three months in Wynwood. The following year, Hough unveiled a thrilling exhibition of eight original abstracts at the Kendall Art Center, with "The Rainbow Woman" earning a permanent place in its collection.
As an author, Hough has penned several photographic books, including "Flowers - The Splendid Beauty Around Us," "Faces - The Reflection of Humanity," "The Best of Bonita Photos," "Color Strike," and "Sophisticates," a tribute to the captivating women he's encountered in his travels. He also offers insights into street photography with his ebook, "Gotcha, Click!: A Humanist's Guide, which he is currently revising."
Recently, Hough's creative spirit brought forth "29 Unique Art Abstracts: New Vision for your home, office, or gallery," a free ebook that reimagines the boundaries of art.
Explore his captivating journey and diverse creations, as Hough invites you to witness the world through his lens.

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