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Mariery Torres

Business Name: Algarabías polymer clay creations
Type of Work: Polymer clay

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Facebook: Algarabías



My name it’s Mariery Torres, a Puerto Rican women that been at Winston for six years now. My love for the arts been since I was little girl because my mother was working always with ceramics. I started working with polymer clay few years ago when Covid hits. I was looking for something that I can do at home for keeping my family with some extra money. Every day the love for the polymer clay was increasing and more techniques I putted in practice. Now days people are so in love with my arts that they look for me when ever they have a special event. My main focus was making unique earrings, then I started doing other stuff like decorating mugs, making bracelets, necklaces and also hair clips. I just hope that arts always keeps beside my life because been my Angel in the most darkest days!

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