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Steven Koss

Type of Work: Channeled Abstract Acrylic

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Twitter: @koss1001


An artist is something I never associated with myself; I would pay others to do my projects in high school. But, in 2016 I wrote my first book about my experience as a caregiver for my father and last month I self-published by 5th book. It's occurred to me that we all have an expertise of an expression. When I decided to paint my buddy said, "Well don't be disappointed." I reminded him it was the same as my freestyles, just for fun. I couldn't match my mother or sister's painting skills, but I heard a subtle voice that said about abstract, "You could probably do it."

My process, involves shrooms, which can be frowned upon from personal experience or the taboo, but I must remain honest. Once they activate, I meditate for 30min and at the end I'll ask for a place list of 4 songs, (Cher, ok). Then I'll head to the back bedroom, light a candle, shut the lights off, and play the tunes. My eyes remained closed, never looking at the painting as what was once dominated by the knife turned to just the use of my fingers. My hand hovers over the paints on the dresser feeling the heat that draws me. Singing, dancing, and emotions are released without Steven on a blank canvass that comes to life.

When the lights come on, I witness and at times I didn't like what I saw but I refrained from tinkering. Because I'll here "Done" in my head, and I stop. Upon the completion of #12 I received a message. It would be called 'Our Position,' (1-12) a story of Interstellar Refugees, and they should not be broken up and placed in order. I realize this can be hard to grasp because those connections may not have been experienced by others. For example, if I tried to explain a UFO sighting to an individual who hadn't seen one, it wouldn't hold weight, emotion, or empathy.

There are many faces of men, women, entities, battles, and bliss but they don't talk to everyone. My best guess is 5 out of 10 have seen what I see without guidance on where to look from my circle. I would love to display them and see if they reach others and if I were to sell any of them the proceeds would go to my yoga project.

On the lot next to my home (Pfafftown), I've built a 30x20 rough cut cedar pavilion, a garden of the same dimensions, 48 block smoker, trail, and turf for training 9 students; I'd like to teach yoga, meditation, resistance training, and feed my guest. It would be amazing if the art funded this program M,W,F 10:30-12 for individuals in need.

Everybody is an expert at something and where I'm weak, you're probably strong; passion equals purpose to the mission. Nobody does it alone. Co-creation and engagement are what I seek. Please join me on the journey.

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