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mike valle

Business Name: ReCaps Art, LLC
Type of Work: Bottle caps

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Like many artists, I've experimented with a variety of different mediums since childhood, from drawing to painting, glass blowing to stained glass, as well as wood working and furniture building. The concept of mosaic work came to me after years of saving bottle caps and seeing the seemingly infinite range of colors available. Creating mosaics is a fulfilling artform, as it is not just designing, but physically building a work of art. My art reflection of myself: learning, growing, constantly evolving.

Through my work, I aim to give new life to an everyday item that most discard as waste. Combining many pieces of “trash” to create something new, beautiful, and hopefully recognizable. Focusing my work on portraits of iconic figures throughout history, I strive to get people look at a classic art form with an uncommon medium, mixed with a bit of a Pop Art twist.

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