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Fiona Lewis

Type of Work: Ceramics, Mixed Media

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Fiona Lewis is a Visual and Fine arts student currently based in Greensboro, NC. She deals with various media including graphic design, ceramics, and illustration. Her work takes inspiration from artists and designers such as Jacob Hutch, Julien Jaca, and Bob Peak who deal with expressive typography and bold, textured illustration. Growing up at the beach, Lewis was surrounded by retired artists and eccentric family friends who stressed the importance and vitality of art in all forms. This influenced the variety of mediums she employed in her future work and the spontaneity in styles and techniques. Lewis has currently only exhibited work in three GTCC student art shows both in 2022 and 2023 but has plans of exhibiting work in future shows.


Growing up, I was immersed in both visual and musical art. I was constantly surrounded by people who nurtured a love for music, film, paintings, pottery, and little sketches and doodles. Because of this introduction to multiple “genres” of art, I tend to think of my work as compatible with any art lover. From graphic band posters and book cover designs to coiled ceramic pots and mugs; I like to dip my toes into every medium. This survey of art has helped me narrow down my preferences in media and techniques and has shaped me as an artist. I plan to embrace the spontaneity of art in my future work by continuing my survey of different mediums and creating pieces that remain cohesive and consistent in both skill and technique, whether they be ceramic or acrylic on canvas.

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