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Farrah Wilde

Type of Work: Paint, color pencil, mixed media

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Farrah Wilde is an expressionist artist from Rochester, NY whose work is predominantly created with graphite, color pencil, and paint. She currently attends GTCC where she is completing her Associate’s Degree in Visual Arts. Her work is inspired from personal inner feelings and ideas, as well as emotional experiences that go beyond physical reality.
Wilde enjoys commission and exhibition work; but most of all the ability to use art as personal reflection or an outlet for emotions. Farrah hopes to share the healing power of art as an art therapist working with those who lack the presence of this unbounded outlet.

Hey there! My name is Farrah Wilde. I have always loved art from a young age but I never attached to a specific style. After my experiences as a Visual Arts Major, I have found that I have an appreciation for creating expressive art in a contemporary style.
I mainly focus my creativity on art that engages with an emotional experience and works to portray deep inner feelings and ideas.
To really explain my appreciation for art as a healing practice, I must get on a personal level with you. To be honest, I have always struggled with finding the words to describe how I am feeling. In the past, it has been quite a struggle trying to verbally emote to others whether it be due to embarrassment or lack of a verbal explanation.
I found that art works well when needing to literally “paint the picture” of what you are feeling to others.
One of my recent paintings depicts vulnerability to depression through symbolism and abstract designs. I have battled with depression throughout my late teenage years and I have utilized art as a respected method of emotional expression. Sooner or later, I developed a habit of creating and expressing anything I felt I could not explain with words.
In my opinion, the most beautiful thing about art is that it has absolutely no boundaries. Art can be extremely conceptual and intuitive or abstract and vague. I like to choose a middle ground and create in ways that the viewer is welcomed into my thoughts but also offered the ability to form their own perception, maybe even on a personal level.
From the growth of my appreciation towards the healing power of art, emerges a desire for sharing it with others. I hope to one day become an Art Therapist so I can combine my love for art with helping others. Nothing would bring me more joy than to spread the freedom of expression through art with those who need it most.

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