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Elijah Miller

Type of Work: Watercolor, pen and ink, mixed medias

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Twitter: @dinosaurbxnes


My name is Elijah Miller, I’m a North Carolina based artist, character designer, and illustrator. I’ve been making art since I was in preschool and somewhere along the way I learned it can really be a job. I am very inspired by cartoons, comics, skateboarding, streetwear, graffiti, and public art. From a young age these things imprinted on me subconsciously and in their own ways they tend to influence my art in different aspects. My artwork mainly consists of illustrations of original characters and the narratives surrounding them. Each drawing is a glimpse into the inner workings of the worlds that my characters inhabit and the niches they carve within them. My artwork depicts themes of introspection, despair, triumph, and exploration of oneself and the environment surrounding them. Informed by my experiences and observations in the world I like to depict these situations with a rawness and honesty that many can relate to. In my choice of mediums I move between stark black and white ink work and very colorful mixed media compositions with an authentically grungy edge. Many of my interests that influence my art are subcultures full of narratives, iconic figures, recurring characters and deep lore. In my own art I seek to forge my own narrative that others can latch onto and follow, and hopefully occupies a relevant space in their lives. Every drawing I create contributes to the ever growing universe of characters, worlds and adventures that I wish to share with as many as possible

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