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Kevin Kerr

Business Name: Strokingly Artistic Studio
Type of Work: Acrylic on Canvass and Compressed Board

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Facebook: Strokingly Artistic Studio


My name is Kevin Kerr.

In October of 2020, at the age of 55, I suffered a bilateral ischemic code stoke. I was hospitalized for several weeks and continued with outpatient rehab for several months. During my recovery I found some paints and other supplies that had been my daughters. I sat down and just began putting paint on canvas.

I hadn’t painted anything since being kicked out of my high school art class. My passion was, and still is, music. But it seems the art gene runs in my family. My grandmother was a painter and my brother is an incredible artist. I never really dabbled much in art unless it was to sketch KISS on my notebooks in school.

Now, after my stroke, an artistic part of my has been unlocked in my brain and I’m enjoying the therapy it provides me. And, I’ve been told I have a unique style and I “don’t really suck”. Family and friends suggested I put my art in a Facebook page so in honor of my journey I named my page Strokingly Artistic Studio.

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