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Kathy Webb

Business Name: Paintings by Kathy Webb
Type of Work: Oil & Acrylic

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I'M Kathy Webb and am very excited to have the opportunity to share my paintings. I hope they make you laugh or at least smile.

I studied art at TCU many years ago. My life has had many chapters. Now, I am so glad to finally be going back to what I love to do, paint.

For seven years, I owned and ran a wine and paint business on Burke Street called Merlot & VanGogh. Each night we would laugh the night away while I taught a class how to paint a variety of subjects. My favorite nights were "Paint your Pet" and "Paint your Date". I have given up teaching and am now painting full time. But, I don't paint alone. My constant and devoted companion is Buddha Bear, my chow chow. She cheer me on with every brush stroke. I’ve had dogs all of my life. Each one of them has been the subject of my paintings several times. Usually, they are flying in the air. They were very talented dogs.

I enjoy the challenge of painting realistically and the creativity of painting whimsically. As you can see from my gallery, my favorite subject is animals. I like to put them in the clouds, in their favorite chair or room, adding a bit of each animals’ unique personality to my paintings. I paint a variety of other subjects as well. I spent a lot of time in the country while growing up in Texas. This gave me a love for nature, which opens up all kinds of fun things to paint.

I enjoy every moment I spend creating these paintings. I hope you enjoy them too.

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