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Scott Burton

Type of Work: Acrylic, Spray Paint

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Scott Burton has used art as therapy for most of his life, while battling kidney disease and spending 20 years on dialysis waiting for a transplant. His journey through art began with the written word, writing a collection of thousands of poems over the years and publishing his first book in 2010, with a 2nd edition that was released in January 2023. He currently has 3 more manuscripts in various stages of completion to release over the next year.

He began venturing into painting as a release in 2015, simply experimenting with releasing emotion and frustration to canvas through the use of acrylic and spray paint. Much like his writing, he has no formal training and uses it truly as an escape. Lately, he has been pushing himself to step out of the comfort of just throwing madness to the canvas, and has began expanding techniques and subject matter to create.

Scott's style, in a nutshell, is chaos, releasing madness, in various styles to fit the moment and the mood. In his personal battles, art attributed to him finding a release and pushing himself to keep fighting... In a way, art has saved his life on more than one occasion, and continues to keep balance within his life of uncertainty and the unknowns.

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