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Trina OLson

Type of Work: Mixed Media/Paintings

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Facebook: Trina Olson


North Carolina native Trina Olson has her hand in history – quite literally. The painter and mixed media artist has spent years scouring, sourcing, and studying archival documents, iconography, and literature to sustain her near-obsession with channeling the past into her work. From Byzantine bombshells to mermaids to embattled queens, the work’s energy is distinctly feminine. Like Olson herself, these women emerge from a time rife with darkness and misogyny and crown themselves as queens of their own destiny.

When she isn’t in her studio, UNC Greensboro alum Trina Olson teaches Photography and Digital Arts at Reynold Fine Arts Magnet High School in Winston Salem, is a mother of two and has a weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons where she slays on a regular basis.

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