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Grace Ramsey

Type of Work: Mixed media

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I'm an emerging artist based in Winston-Salem. After spending the last ten years traveling the globe, I've started painting again.

I'm fascinated with color, movement, and texture. I like to work with limited palettes and a variety of mediums, from acrylic and latex paint to oil pastel and gouache, to metal leafs and marker. I like to make marks with unusual utensils, including string, wooden spoons, spackling tools, combs, and traditional brushes. I work on multiple pieces at a time, usually flat on the floor so I can achieve the balance I’m looking to create. I work in a very kinesthetic, dancerly way, prancing from canvas to canvas, stepping back and resting, before going to the work again but from a different perspective. My art is a practice in detachment. I do not set out to create an image, instead focusing on the process of mark-making, layering, and overall, improvising. What comes of this process is inspiring and comforting.

My influences include historical and contemporary artists from Toulouse-Lautrec to Agustí Puig, Pat Stier, and Ricardo Weisse.

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