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Kyla Stimpson

Business Name: Kyla Eliza Fine Arts & Design
Type of Work: Mixed Media

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Kyla Eliza Fine Arts & Design focuses on creating functional art such as jewelry, sketchbooks, paint palettes, keychains, and more. I also continue to sell original artwork, and prints. My work is inspired by dynamic, consistent, eerie and positive thoughts. I am drawn to contrasting colors, shapes, lines, textures and ideas. In order to create texture and depth, I incorporate torn book paper, recycled documents, old original artwork, sketches, acrylic paint, metallic flakes, and handmade paper in the majority of my pieces. I believe that my ancestors guide me through my creative process; each stroke of paint or stitch is a binding connection between my ancestors and myself.
I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, but I didn't know. I didn't understand what it meant to be an artist. I did not understand that I have the power to heal my negative emotions by expressing them through creating. Since I was a child I have had continuous surreal dreams. Many of my dreams are eerie and confusing; this series is to allow viewers an opportunity to experience my dream world. My continuous original works are two series: “ By Needle and Thread ” and “ Surreal Dreams ”. “ By Needle and Thread ”, is a series of Mixed Media artworks created by arranging color, form and texture. This series is used to create open discussions of emotions triggered by the use of color. “ Surreal Dreams ”, is a collection of personal dreams.

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