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AE Reed

Type of Work: Acyrlic, Guache, Marker. Oil, Collage

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I grew up in Southwest Virginia in the mountains.

Life has never been boring. Don’t get me wrong, my life, as some would see it, may be charmed. I had a wonderful childhood playing in the woods, running through the yards of neighbors and had magical christmases.

As most kids like me, there were times when life was “tough”. Being picked last for kickball, having people make fun of you because you weren’t like the other kids, or just knowing something was a little different. All of these things lead me to where I am today. Mrs Whiteside, my fifth grade teacher, was someone in my childhood who was not only a teacher, but she became someone who held me up and let me know my talent was important. She was the FIRST person to buy a piece of my art. High school was it’s own plethora of fun and games. Friends who loved me for who I was to people who would call me every name in the book as I walked down the hall. However, like most kids in my situation I made it. Bonnie Keyser, my high school art teacher, picked up the torch and made sure I knew my artistic talents should be held high.

Then COLLEGE!!! Well that was a godsend for me. I was a big fish in a little pond back in high school so when I started college I soon realized that I was a little fish in a BIG pond. I struggled to make my mark on the college. Homer Springer, my art department guru, picked up the torch from Bonnie and made sure I was a success. To this day, I credit him with much of my personal success in life and in my career. I discovered who I was and where I wanted to be. With that discovery, I became a BIG fish in the BIG pond. I was head of two art organizations and presented TWO student shows while there.This was a first at Longwood University. I left Longwood with every concentration but two, which was also something new to Longwood as well. I left my mark and am proud of my past at there. I had many jobs off and on before I made it to where I am today. I realize now that all of those jobs built the foundation for my current job.....block by block.....

FAST FORWARD: I am working for Rowe Furniture...I have enjoyed creating a new look for Rowe through it’s graphics and it’s photography. Maui, my island getaway, has made it’s mark on me in more ways than one. It is such a magical place. In March of 2017, I was married to my husband René on the slopes of Haleakala, the crater that “built” Maui. Speaking of Maui, a four-legged pitbull version of Maui arrived in my life and it has not been the same. I have my island in the ocean and reminded of that place daily when I look into the eyes of my dog Maui, or say her name aloud. I didn’t name her, the rescue agency had already did that for me! It was kismet! She has been such a great reminder of being at peace and enjoying every day as much as I can. Maui has a sister named Wailea AKA Lea, another pitbull and I love her dearly!!

I have surrounded myself with great people and have learned so much from each of them. Life is never is to be is for the living.....go be ALIVE!!!!!!!

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