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Roberta Ihrig

Type of Work: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastels

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My artwork is influenced by having grown up in a very small, rural town in Missouri. As a child I was very lucky to have a mother that could cook, sew, crochet, knit, quilt - most anything she set her mind to do. My dad was a tool and dye maker, but he carried his creative talent for making things to being able to repair or improvise most anything needed around the house. He enjoyed the outdoors and nature. I'd tag along when he'd clear out woods, cutting down trees. He would teach me to identify trees by their leaves and bark, take me fishing, target shooting, and best of all, support my love for animals of all kinds.

With an older brother and sister, I usually lost out when selecting shows to watch on television in the evening and as a result I'd spend my time drawing, painting, coloring at the kitchen table. Art became a common thread throughout my life in many forms. My journey towards a Bachelor's degree in Commercial Art was by way of Florissant Valley Community College, University of Missouri at St. Louis, Maryville College and ultimately the University of Central Arkansas; all in the evening after work.

Over my career, I supported my education as an Administrative Secretary. After getting my BA I became a Graphic Artist working for such companies as: Sara Lee Knit Products, Gilbarco, Ciba-Geigy and lastly owned my own sign company Elliott's Signs and Awards in West Jefferson, NC. Now I am retired and still following my defining passion. I am first a painter.

Memberships: Carolina Painter's Guild and Curator of the River Landing at Sandy Ridge (CCRC) Art Gallery.

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