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Michelle Harris

Business Name: Dalton-Harris Photography
Type of Work: Fine Art Photography

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Creating memories through photographs is a love and passion I've had as far back as I can remember. While I've had the chance to capture memories through the eye of the camera in many genres over the years, the one that captures my heart most are those images created outdoors and through nature. They seem to speak to me the loudest and offer something unique to all the others. Capturing nature at her finest and sharing that with others, to me, is photography at its best.

There are emotions and memories found in nature that bring out an expression on people's faces that is priceless. Seeing that same expression as they view a photograph, reminisce, and take a journey down memory lane is priceless. The ability of a photograph to capture these emotions and memories that bring a certain peacefulness to the viewer brings me great joy.

There is no better reward in this labor of love than seeing others experience the same passion and emotion as they find a place that once captured their own heart and watching as a special photograph takes them back to that very moment.

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