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Kristen Hazlett

Business Name: Fleur De Lis Acrylics
Type of Work: Multimedia with Acrylics

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Kristen is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, where she began her journey as an artist while taking art classes in high school and visiting the many art galleries there. She has always loved to draw, write poetry, sing, dance, and explore all sides of her artistic expressions. She currently lives and works in Winston Salem and draws inspiration and joy from the surrounding beauty and breathtaking views of the area. Kristen enjoys and connects with the outdoors and reflects many of her artworks with the nature and beautiful landforms that are surround her. She creates acrylic artworks and multi-media pieces on canvas, and has dabbled in epoxy resin, tumblers, beaded jewelry creations, and many other forms of crafting Her passion is in the movement and texture of her art that strikes an emotional response to the viewer. Kristen truly loves art and has gained many insights from her journey as an artist, and she hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoys creating them.

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