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Cat Redmond

Business Name: Cat Redmond Art
Type of Work: Alcohol Inks and Acrylic mediums

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Cat Redmond a NC based painter and mixed media artist. Her main mediums of choice are alcohol inks, fluid acrylic inks, and paints. She is drawn to the bold and vivid colors and unpredictable nature of inks and fluid paints and feels that making art is like having a conversation with the deepest parts of her soul.

The main subject of Redmond's work is a deep soulful expression with a fluid carefree movement. This makes her feel more alive and uplifted in everyday life.

This soulful joyful expression is important to her because she feels that the creation of art is therapeutic. It's a rare opportunity to express her deepest feelings, thoughts, desires, and choices to the fullest.

Her art-making process normally starts intuitively with having a loose color palette in mind. She starts with a short mediation and focuses on the breath and then she lets go to see where the medium takes her.

This quote by Eric M. Davis sums up her feelings about her creative process

"Relying on my intuitive sense gives my work its natural and unique qualities, revealing the soul of my work. Through my choices, others can see through their eyes what I have seen through my eyes."

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