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Leslie Karpinski

Type of Work: Mixed media

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North Carolina native Leslie Karpinski has spent her lifetime painting, drawing, and creating as an artist. With a formal education from East Carolina University from the Painting and Drawing Department, Leslie’s work is an exploration of her love for the outdoors, geometry, color and surface of the canvas. Her work is in many regional corporations and private collections. She has taught both classes for adults and children in painting, drawing, mixed media, surface-design, soft-sculpture, as well as, conducted workshops on creativity. Occasionally, an abstract will appear for further playtime. She is currently painting a body of work which explores hiking trails, mountains and eastern coastal areas. Her love for green spaces are her main inspirations for subject matter and the materials used in the creative process add to the style and energy one sees in her paintings.

Artist Statement: As I continue to evolve as an artist, I pay close attention to where I have traveled and where I stand in the current moment. On this journey, I have discovered being outdoors stimulates the mind, warms the heart, and gives one respect for all the natural beauty around us. The sounds, colors, smells, and the touch leave me with such visual memory and energizes my soul to create paintings that speak to my heart. When I was a kid, I loved climbing high into the big oak trees, painting large flowers while at school and designing gardens in the back of our family home. Rocks from the creek surrounded my gardens and I enjoyed learning about various plant material.

When I paint, l try to remember those feelings of spontaneity, energy and hopefully, a little uninhibited time. As an artist, it is my goal to treasure and respect our earth and if I can produce artwork that conveys this message, there is great meaning to what I do in life and the art I produce.

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