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Devin Lane

Business Name: OneofOneartshop
Type of Work: Photography/Canvases

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Website: @1of1artshop- Instagram


My name is Devin Lane . I am a photographer from Greensboro, North Carolina . I have been doing photography for about four years and it has become my life passion . Photography is so empowering to me because it gives me the opportunity to share my appreciation for the beauty in the world by sharing it from my perspective. I enjoy all styles of photography , but over the years I have found that my love for the lens has been deeply rooted in portraits , black and white photography and city/landscape shots . When it comes to portrait or client work I am fulfilled by the fact I can help people find love for themselves and appreciate their own beauty . In a world filled with glamor and perfection , I think it is important we are all beautiful within our own special way. Photography not only allows me to shine a light on the beauty of humans but also the world around us . I love being able to take small details that we may over look on a daily basis . We are constantly on the move making it harder to acknowledge the natural/man made beauty that fills the world . Along with photography I take my photos and make handmade canvases . The canvas is made Using a digital print and and a blank white canvas . A special adhesive is applied giving a special texture across the canvas . To complete the canvas the outer edges are painted with black acrylic paint . To make the canvases unique I don’t make any duplicates which inspired the name One of One Art Shop

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