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Devin Lane

Business Name: OneofOneartshop
Type of Work: Photography/Canvas

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Website: instagram: @1of1artshop and @oo.dwop


Hello My name is Devin and I am a photographer born and raised in Greensboro. I have been doing photography for 4 years now. I love photography because it gives me the opportunity to shine light on the beauty of people and the environment around us. With my work I like to bring attention to the over seen details of the world. I enjoy capturing what most of us pass by everyday but don't think twice about it. I don't limit myself to a specific style but i have found love in city and nature photography. I like to travel all across our wonderful state capturing its beauty, natural and man made. I use creative angles with my cityscape shots to bring everyday life to a new perspective. When it comes to the nature side of things I have always enjoyed capturing flowers. Each one is its own work of art and they bring such peaceful energy to life.

Along with my photography I make handmade canvases. I use prints of my photography and a blank white stretched canvas. The print is pressed onto the canvas using a special adhesive that creates a texture across the photo. The outer edges of the canvas are then painted with black acrylic paint to create contrast around the image.

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