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Kara Lewis

Business Name: Kara Elizabeth, LLC
Type of Work: Paper

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Facebook: @artist.karaelizabeth


Kara Elizabeth is a professional artist, educator, and author living in North Carolina. Inspired by a Holistic and Transformative approach to Art Education, she uses creative expression as a tool for teaching conscious connections and peaceful practices. Kara is guided by the philosophy that creation is a form of meditation and a tool for transformation- making space between the noisy chatter of the mind and connecting us to the deeper and quieter parts of ourselves. She is inspired by Nature, Consciousness, and the beautiful vibration of Life; art and biology, people and culture, light-workers and peacemakers.

Kara Elizabeth is a formally trained painter (est. 2007). Five years ago, she began experimenting with paper, applying her training to this new medium, "building" her portraits rather than painting them. She was looking for a signature style that was authentic to the way the she sees and interprets the world around her: through light, energy, frequency, and high vibration. She fell in love with both the process and the product, and has been refining her technique ever since.

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