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Lily Formato

Business Name: Formato Fine Arts
Type of Work: Oil, Spray Paint, Gauche, Acrylic, Ink, and Pottery

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Twitter: instagram: @formatofinearts TikTok(38k followers) @formatofinearts


I am a 20-year-old art gallery owner and oil painter from Wytheville, Virginia. After attending boarding school in Asheville, North Carolina – I took a gap year from college. In 2018, I decided to bring what I loved from Asheville back into my hometown. Thus began my journey as a female artist and entrepreneur.

I opened Formato Fine Arts during the winter of 2018, and we are still in business currently. I have offered various events for my community, such as art shows, dance lessons, improv acting nights, live music events, and even Appalachian Drag Shows.

Throughout my time as a young female business owner in a small town in Southwestern, Virginia – my artwork has progressed from my unique experiences. I am an oil painter that focuses on the female experience and my childhood. Every painting is a piece of me that represents sorrow, struggle, and happiness through my feminine identity.

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