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Carol Willis

Business Name: Carol Willis Art
Type of Work: Oil Paint, Gouache

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Color! Color! Color! I love colors! How colors lay out on a palette, how out on a palette, how they mix, and how they appear on canvas all inspire me!

I paint because I love the process of creating something that is beautiful and clear and fresh. A blank canvas invites my imagination and energy to bring a painting alive...from sketching to finished product...a visual memory of a special place, time or feeling.

As an interpreter for the hearing impaired, I have taught sign language which in many ways is like drawing in the air with hand shapes and cues. With my oil painting I love getting to do that on canvas.

Painting helps me appreciate all I see, and I see more because I paint and I love it.

I have studied under Barbara Flowers, Connie Winters and Helen Farson.

Carol Has a BA from UNC-Chapel Hill and has with the tingling school of art and design as well as many regional know artist. She is a member of Associated Artists WS and a charter member of Outdoor Oil Painters society. She is also a member of the American Impressionists Society.

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