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Crystal Cyrus-Sartin

Type of Work: Arylic paint aswell as Graphite pencils.

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Website: Artis_t41 on Instagram


I am an artist that captures nature and natural beauty in women. In my art work I love using vibrant color, pastels and the classic black and white shades and in between.

The mediums that I use are Graphite pencil and Acrylic paint. I do try other mediums such as Pastels and Water Colors and many more.

As a child I had a love for creating and imagination. I had taken a still life class @TC3 In Dryden NY in the year of 2002. That was the last time I had done art work so that chapter was closed or so I thought. I wanted to make a living off my artwork but didn't know how so I moved on to health care.

My sisters Anna and Victoria reminded me that I was good at art , and I should pursue it as an career. It has been so long that I almost forgot I used to create art.
During the pandemic I started creating art work once again. I felt like I had a purpose, I knew this is what I was meant to do. Thanks for the support of my sisters, in which they are my inspiration.

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