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Hank Willis

Type of Work: Mixed Media

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I have a lifelong passion for creating. My earliest memories involve art and the ability to create something with my hands. I graduated from Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem and went on to UNCG, where I received a BFA in Design and a minor in Religious Studies. I have been living and working in commercial textile design for over 20 years in Chattanooga, TN. I have received numerous awards in my field and have worked with some of the biggest architects and designers in the nation. I have worked and traveled internationally for my job and found so much inspiration in the world we live in. If you have been through the Charlotte airport(or probably anywhere with carpet), you have walked on my work. Recently I have come back to Winston-Salem to be close to family and find a career here.

My Art has always been deeply personal to me. I work in a variety of mediums and find the process informs my final work. I start out with little thought or plan to the final piece other than an emotion or a spiritual sense of what should come. Often the process is just as important as the final piece and I am always experimenting. I work to get out of my head and put something out into the world. I use a lot of words in my pieces as words lend an additional dimension to a visual image. I like to play with words, symbols, light, texture and new materials.

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