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Katherine MARSH

Business Name: Barefoot Marsh Productions, Inc
Type of Work: Paintings/Oil on Canvas/Oil pastels on canvas/Oil on horse skulls/Matisse inspired cut outs on canva

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Facebook: I don't do Facebook. I live my life and work offline. Life is too important to spend it on Facebook.



I had a shaman/friend in the early to mid-90's and for many years afterwards who used to tell the story of visual artist Gaugin. How he quit his job as a bank teller to be a visual artist. I didn't think about his story for many years.
One day I had been working for Jimmy John's making sandwiches. Mind you I have had a career as an actor since 1988 and have worked on Broadway as a member of the Living Theatre for three years all together. I'm also a writer for 34 years and a trained Director. I'm the Founder/Director of Barefoot MARSH Productions.
Anyhow in addition to my performing Arts career and my writing work I thought to myself why not life my best most Creative life? So I decided to quit my day job at Jimmy John's and do my theatre and film work / my writing work/ and be a full time visual artist too.
Unlike Gaugin I won't go to Tahiti and paint 14 year olds. But I am a full-time visual artist and actor/writer/Director. I don't regret it for a second.
No one knew there would be a Global pandemic. Covid has temporarily closed art galleries and Museums around the World for months. When Red Dog art gallery re-opens limited capacity for everyone's safety I will submit my work to be shown and will be available for sale.
I also am making my first Indie Film to be screened on a wall at the Red Dog Art Gallery for a special artistic event with Film as my medium. I studied Filmmaking with both Martin Scorsese and Jodie Foster online/
I encourage you to support local Winston-Salem artists during and after the Covid pandemic.
I appreciate your interest in my work.

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