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John Mahl

Type of Work: Contact paper, tablecloth, copper, and much more!

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My name is John Mahl. I am new to retirement but revisiting the world of art yet again. I have dabbled in and out of art my whole life, including the art I did on all sorts of beautiful homes and mansions. I have my own signature moves / looks with the vinyl siding, metal & shingle roofing. I have always taken pride in my work, including my art. I figured since I am attempting to live the retirement life, I could continue to leave my mark and do art but in an new and exotic way. It all started with “CJ’s Mine” which delt with a rubbery material being placed on top of a drop cloth, to give a mine shaft appearance. That then led me to start working on vanishing point hallways in my own home, and I also did a hallway for a company in Winston Salem. I then started to realize I could do eye-catching 3-D artwork that was similar but with contact paper and tablecloth. I started out with my first 7 x 7 piece and I currently have a total of 15 pieces I have worked on in the last 2 years of doing this. I am hoping to stay retired and be able to continue making art pieces, but I will not be able to do so if I can not get the word out about my art and start selling it to afford more supplies for future pieces. Thank you for your interest in checking out my work. I also have a lot of other different type of artwork and things I hand make from wood and copper than can be discussed at a later time.

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