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Jared Hunter

Type of Work: Photography

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I started in photography in 2018, when the Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 game came out. One of the big selling points of the game was a feature called "Photomode". In this mode, the game would freeze, and the player pan around and compose a photo inside the game. This feature piqued my interest in composing photos, and led me to buy my first camera. It was a Nikon CoolPix B500. It gave me such great opportunities to take great photos of models, landscapes, and architecture (including the monuments and government buildings in Washington, D.C. As I improved my skills in editing, and my desire to get even more creative grew, I knew I needed a camera that could shoot in RAW format. This would give me the photo file size I needed to take truly beautiful work and make the images in my mind's eye come to life. I received a Nikon D5600 for Christmas 2020, and have seen my work go beyond my expectations. I look forward to sharing with the community my art and my passion for creating.

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