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Susan Morris

Business Name: SH Morris Art
Type of Work: Colored Pencil and Pastels

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Susan H. Morris
Lewisville, NC
Mobile: 336-413-2073

About the Artist
Susan Morris loves creating art that tells a story, captures a special moment, or passes along a treasured memory. Her attention to detail and use of color help create her unique style. Her mother was also an artist and introduced Susan to art at an early age. She prefers working with professional-grade colored pencils, but also enjoys pastels and watercolors. Susan's work can be found in homes across the US and Internationally.

Mission and Vision
Susan’s mission is to inspire, encourage, and comfort others through realistic artwork that tells a story, captures a special moment, shares a memory, or sparks a dream. To create artwork that connects with and inspires others on a level that provokes thought and emotion is at the heart of her vision. Added to that is the desire to present the artwork in a style that is unique, recognizable, long-lasting, and in such a way that her joy in creating the work passes on to those who see the artwork.

Awards and Recognitions
2021 – Written Step-by-Step Tutorial, “Maui Sunrise”, to be published in COLOR Magazine – Month to be announced.
March 2021 – Online Art Show benefiting Meals on Wheels program of Winston-Salem
August 2020 - “Maui Sunrise” Published in Hidden Treasures Vol 6
December 2019 - Local Art Show hosted by Wine and Design Winston-Salem NC
September 2019 - “Dinnertime” Awarded First Place – Drawing Category - 44th Annual Jeb Stuart Art Show, Stuart, VA
June 2019 - “Zoo Day with Papa” featured in Ann Kullberg's 20th Annual Member Showcase (COLOR Magazine)
May 2019 - Featured artist in Artist Spotlight, Colored Pencils for Beginners and Beyond; “Dinnertime” Published in Colored Pencil Magazine
March 2019 - “Owl Attitude” Published in Color Magazine
February 2019 - “Everyone Likes Oranges” Published in Colored Pencil Magazine;
“Owl Attitude” Published in Hidden Treasures Vol 5

Work featured in the monthly Pencil Box Art Showcase

February 2021 – “Sunset on the Lake”
October 2020 – “Motorcycle at Mabry Mill”
September 2020 - "Contemplation"
August 2020 - "Hummingbird"
June 2020 - “White Wolf”
April 2020 - “Come to the Garden”
February 2020 - "On Eagle's Wings"
January 2020 - “Maui Sunrise”
December 2019 – “Screech”
October 2019 - “Tea for Two”
September 2019 - “Puka”
August 2019 - “Peek-A-Boo”
July 2019 - “Waiting for Prey”
May 2019 - “Blessed”
March 2019 - “Reunited”
January 2019 - “Owl Attitude”
December 2018 - “Darcy”
July 2018 - “Precious Moments”

Private collections are held in USA, England, and Norway

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Sells Work at Red Dog Gallery