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Julia Emerson

Type of Work: Mixed Media/Bead and Wire/Photography

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My name is Julia Emerson, I'm 27 years old and a Winston Salem native. I'm a self taught artist and writer working in emergency services as a paramedic, and have been making art most of my life. In kindergarten, I developed the love and interest in art after studying Monet's lillies. I was lucky enough to have relatively creative parents who fed my desire to create and explore every medium known to man from that point on. I have since been most drawn to mixed media, impressionistic oils, pottery, bead and wire work, photography, and free verse poetry, which many of my pieces are based off of. To me, my art is not a talent, but a gift. Creating art in any form is what has saved/saves me from the darkness in life, and with it I strive to bring others joy that I may not feel at the time I make a piece. Art is where I find the peace in my chaos, and has been what ultimately has saved me. I hope to share that peace and joy with others, as well as a piece of myself that up until now, I haven't had the opportunity to share. I hope you enjoy!

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