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Tyterrica Graham

Business Name: Ty Amazed Art
Type of Work: Acrylic Paint

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Facebook: Ty Amazed Art

Twitter: Ty Amazed


As a young black artist within society, I strive to tell and express my message towards the world through my art and poetry. Throughout my point of view as an artist, I create different genres of black culture/community, animals, and celebrities. Each piece which is created shows and concepts of different life stories, the issues which happen within this world, and providing positivity towards those who are trying to express their talents as well. When I first started the experience of drawing/painting, I created different creations from Hama Beads to Loom Bands to Foam Boards/Poster Boards and now Canvases. As an artist feel motivated by my parents and God. I wouldn’t have gotten here without His grace and mercy, the motivation for myself as a young artist in the society as inspired me to keep going through the different obstacles and challenges that faced against me. My artwork concepts of different messages and point of views such as homelessness, faith, the path of life with God, black excellence, justice for my community, etc. I strive to own and operate my own art business which will be called: Ty Amazed Art, a professional art business/gallery within different states and countries.

Each piece has its own background, its own personality, and its own feature/figure. Here are some titles for my artwork: “TIME for Change”, “VOGUE: Stop the Violence”, “Work Harder”, “I Shall Not Fear”, and those which are featured within the submissions: “Black Is Me”, “Elle”, “Black Flower”, “Black Power”, “Black Beauty”, “Lord, We Need Justice”, and “It’s Pop with Smoke”. The “TIME for Change” Painting features and concepts of the different issues which are happening in this world, it’s time for change towards the society, it’s time for love towards all races and genders, it’s time to end the injustice within the systematic law. The painting shows how it’s time for change within ourselves and how we present ourselves towards the world. The “Black Is Me” Painting shows and highlights how black excellence should be noticed as an accomplishment/achievement instead of a target or threat. The “Black Beauty” Painting shows and highlights the different shades and features of black skin. The “VOGUE: Stop the Violence” shows the beloved and deceased rapper: Tupac Shakur but also shows the different names of black men who lost their lives towards gun violence and police brutality. The “I Shall Not Fear” Painting concepts of bible verse featured in the bible and shows the sign of not fearing anyone or anything within this world. The “Lord, We Need Justice” Painting shows the great activist, Mr. James Baldwin and the black men and women who lost their lives to injustice crimes but concepts the meaning of changing our justice system for everyone. Every piece I’ve made, shows and helps me understand how much my improvement as grown as an individual. Each piece shows the movement of change which needs to happen within this world for the better, my relationship with each piece helps me realize the more I create and make, the more talent and effort put into all of them will show within the future.

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