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Lynette Cox

Business Name: LPC Candle Experience,LLC
Type of Work: Acrylic

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Facebook: LPCcandleexperience@PCox2018


Born and raised in Winston-Salem and having always enjoyed art and crafts. She started painting to help her relax in the evening after work. Others started noticing her artwork such as, her family members and her co-workers. She expressed excitement when she sold her first painting, she explain how it was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and confirmation that her work was worth something, which she enjoyed doing so much.
Her paintings mostly came from what she can imagine within the wood canvas. She has the ability to look at items, and imagine them as something else, she paints what she sees.
She enjoys adding texture to her work as well. She loves making the paintings come to life using cloth, scrapbook paper, and mix media that would help to bring the painting to life. She try to connect with her audiences senses such as sight, smell, touch, and sound. Her goal is to capture the emotional connection with her audience as well.
The sounds will come into play through once the QRCode is scanned, which all of her paintings will have. Allowing the audience to connect with the painting through music, being able to relate to the meaning of the painting.

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