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Lola Britton

Type of Work: Color pencils, acrylic paint

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All my life I have known art as something right around the corner. Every school project had some creative twist, christmas presents were either painted or made out of clay, and all of the pictures on our walls were custom made. I did not take art very seriously, however, until my freshman year of high school. We were assigned a project where we had to create a picture with extremely high contrast and realism. This is where I found my style.

After that project, extreme realism was my goal in every work. If it did not look exact, I would erase and start over. Being very OCD myself, it was how I expressed it in my art. However, I could only achieve this with pencil and color pencil drawings. No matter how many painting projects my art teacher assigned or how much assistance I received, I always struggled with the painting side of art. After doing only color pencil drawings for an entire year, my art teacher challenged me with a project that forced me to paint piece after piece until I felt comfortable with my painting techniques. This was the start of a whole new art era for me; all I wanted to do was paint. From freshman to senior year, I progressed from strictly pencil art to the fun and vibrant art of painting.

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