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paula schneider

Business Name: Wildflowear Creations
Type of Work: Mixed

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I am a mixed medium artist in sculpting and painting. I may deal with social or political issues but only by default through the female form and subtle social commentary. Mostly I find myself fascinated with that moment in time when people are unaware of my eyes on them. The spontaneous moment unstaged sometimes seen in old photographs rarely seen in today's smart phone age. The interaction of people when they don't think they are being viewed can define a relationship. All emotion can be seen in body language, a grip of a hand or a tilt of the neck can speak for that whole moment. These moments in time become imprinted in my subconscious till I am able to express that feeling in whatever medium I deem appropriate. It is an epic battle, sometimes I win. Then on the other hand sometimes i just want to create something fun, humorous or silly.

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