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Andrew Woehr

Type of Work: Photography

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From a very young age my father has always encouraged me to be outdoorsy, taking me on hikes as soon as I could walk, encouraging me to join boy scouts, and taking me on all sorts of outdoor adventures. As real life began and I started to lose the time for extended outdoorsy adventures, I began to search for a new way to get myself outdoors. I started using my mom’s digital camera to take pictures of small leaves, flowers, anything in nature that I thought looked cool. As time passed, I developed a real enjoyment for photography, for finding beauty in things that were often times overlooked. Using perspective to make things that may appear dreary or commonplace, such as a rain speckled leaf, into captivating displays of natural beauty. Eventually, my parents caught on to my excitement, and bought me a camera. I take it with me whenever I go hiking, and sometimes when I feel the need for a walk in the woods, I'll go take a few photos of whatever cool little fungi I can find. Now as a student at Wake Forest University I find myself more desperate than ever to have a quick escape into the woods, where I can photograph the nature that makes me feel at home.

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