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Vincent Mattacchione

Business Name: VMWoodworking
Type of Work: Segmented Bowl and Wood Turned Bowls, Vessels

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Website: Instagram VMWoodworking


From the time I was a boy I’ve been drawn to wood. Carving was the first process I was intrigued by as a young camper. Later when I was married I began to build furniture and other items that came in handy around our home. One of my strengths has always been the problem solving aspect of woodworking, recognizing a need and then figuring out the best way to create something out of wood or steel that will remedy it. My wood shop is a prime example of crafting a solution as it’s full of all sorts of thing that I’ve made over the years to meet my specific needs.

Woodworking has been a wonderful journey of learning and creating and one that’s lead me to the process I find the most challenging and fulfilling yet, wood turning and segmented bowls. I love the way the wood speaks to you and tells you what it wants to be. The challenge of designing segmented bowls really puts my math skills to good use, thanks goodness I paid close attention in math class! I have truly found a passion for what I love and I’m always excited to get out to my wood shop and see what the day will bring. I feel privileged to be able to creating new pieces that will be loved, treasured and appreciated for years to come.

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