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Antonina Whaples

Type of Work: Multi-media

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Antonina Whaples calls herself a “multimedia girl,” a versatility in her art that can be extended to her life.

A Winston-Salem native, Whaples, 32, earned a full scholarship to Wake Forest University, getting an art degree with concentrations in printmaking and copper etching. She makes jewelry from metals and paints skulls, and other regalia that is used in her work as a shaman. She also paints, sculpts, and transforms unwanted materials in upcycled furniture.

For the last eight years, she has owned Kindred Spirits, a shop on Trade Street that sells gems, incense, clothing, gifts and art.

“I’ve been doing this since I was a kid,” Whaples said of art. “I’ve always been able to visually understand the world and create around that. I honed in on that from a young age.”

Whaples describes her art as "Informed by nature and the inherent spirituality present within the Earth, my art is a reflection and transmutation of natural elements into the spiritual dimension of experienced reality."

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