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Maya Britton

Type of Work: Ceramics, Mixed Media, Sculpture

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Facebook: Maya Elizabeth Art


I grew up in a very art-centered household. With my mom being an artist she pushed me into a life of creativity. I was always encouraged to create and express myself in any way I possibly could. My search for a career in art really began when I applied to the South Carolina Governors School for the Arts and Humanities. When I first started making work, I was making it just because it was fun. I had no reasoning for why I was making what I was making. When I came to the Governor's School academy program, I started researching artists that used their art as a platform for discussion. After much research, I realized that the systematic ways in which women are oppressed are a societal epidemic today. I made a series in ceramics that experimented with the prominence of works that commemorate significant men in a patriarchal society. My process was to use the medium of ceramics to supplant the imagery on iconic monuments with lesser-known female characters. While focusing on this series I made other pieces that were still focused on societal issues such as, police brutality, beauty standards, body image and the pollution of our environment.
I have continued this passion into my college career at Clemson University and will keep advancing my work throughout my path of life, wherever that may take me.

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