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Elizabeth Kilgore

Business Name: zabkillkitten art
Type of Work: watercolor, gouache, ink, color pencil

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My main focus is creating watercolor paintings and illustrations, typically concentrating on the figure, portraits, or character studies. Many of my works also incorporate the mediums: gouache, acrylic, colored pencil, and ink. I really like to explore vibrant colors and how they can change the mood or tone of a scene. I have a particular fascination with fantasy-based subjects and enjoy exploring the dreamy qualities that the genre can offer. I have always been drawn to sorrowful and curious artwork. I enjoy pieces that leave me asking questions about the subject and trying to decipher the underlying story or theme. My work incorporates all my favorite aspects of art and translates them into my unique vision and style

Art gives you a chance to see something from someone else’s perspective, their reality, their voice. I often don’t feel heard and creating art is a great way to connect with others. I am excited to create beautiful works that others feel a connection to. My work leads people to seek introspection and reflection on themselves. Concepts I focus my work around are expressing what is sometimes unable to be said through words. Emotions and feelings can be layered and complicated. My work encases that into an image for the viewer to explore.

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