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Nick Wolters

Type of Work: Charcoal, Pastel, Colored Pencil, Ink

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Website: Instagram: @neek_olas



I am an Assistant Professor of modern Spanish and Iberian literature and visual culture at Wake Forest University. Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, I moved to Winston-Salem in 2016 after spending five years in Charlottesville, VA. As a PhD student at the University of Virginia, I attended life drawing sessions at the McGuffey Art Center, where I developed an appreciation for the various shapes and shades of the human form. Drawing on my knowledge of nineteenth-century art and twenty-first century comicbooks, my illustrations in charcoal, pastel, colored pencil, and ink explore the porous contours of gender as they manifest in the art museum and on Instagram. A lifelong learner, I continue to develop my interests and skills as an attendee of life drawing sessions at the Sawtooth School.

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