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Hannah Clonts

Type of Work: Mixed Media

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Facebook: @hannahclontsart


When I create my work, the act of creating is more important to me than the product itself. Though I adore my artworks, when I’m creating is when I feel the most myself. I feel a sense of liberating freedom through the art that I make. Experimenting with medium, movement, and mark making clears my head and helps me deal with my anxiety and depression. I don’t discriminate against mediums when I create. I love to feel the clay in my hands as much as a brush or a bottle of glue. I enjoy creating digital art and a camera feels natural in my hand, whether it be for a photo or a video. I find beauty in the things that people would normally overlook, or even turn away from in disgust. Anatomy and death inspire me as much as tire graveyards, lost and forgotten things, and trucks filled with rust.

The distressed and the disemboweled appeals to me, reflecting in some of my work. Mutilated meat and a primal need to destroy and create. An animalistic need to devour and a spiritual desire to make a mark and bring it to life. I find harmony in the chaos and the macabre. I see the splendor in death as well as life and I bring the two together through my work.

​The items that humans leave behind when they are gone intrigue me, sparking an interest in anthropology and the abandoned. Artifacts and the art of ancient cultures heavily influences my abstracted paintings. My paintings speak on the objects our ancestors left behind opposed to the objects that we are leaving behind. I often incorporate nature into my work to play on the theme of the natural versus man-made. Several of my pieces have been composed of ash, wood, or dirt alongside paint or metal. Experimentation is a vital aspect of my process. I love to experiment with different ways to utilize canvas, panel, found objects, and paint, resulting in unique mixed-media artworks.

​I don’t let my perceived limitations prevent me from creating my art. I figure out what I want to do, and I find a way to do it. I’m a treasure hunter when I make my work. I seek out the perfect treasure that many people may overlook, and I find a way to utilize it to create my product. When I look at the finished artwork, I think about how important art is to my life and the importance of art throughout human existence. I like to think about early humans and how art must have fascinated them as they discovered materials and their own talents. Art is what began it all.

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