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Business Name: dahliallama
Type of Work: acrylic, mixed media, photography

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Facebook: Art_of_dahliallama

Twitter: dahliallamaart


Artist Christina Ramsey enjoys exploring a wide variety of subjects ranging from the natural world
to pop-culture franchises such as Star Wars and Dr. Who. Christina’s creative toolbox includes
acrylic painting, photography, digital art, mixed media sculpture, and jewelry. Regardless of the
artist’s subjects or medium her vivacious and colorful style remains a constant fixture in all of
her creations.
Recently, Christina has focused on two very different bodies of work; digital, abstract mandalas
and whimsical tributes to pop culture. Christina’s abstract botanical compositions are created digitally,
using a process where she layers colors and patterns to suggest the presence of imagery.
They are spontaneous creations that come from the self-conscious and represent a spiritual
connection with nature. The artist’s pop-art style paintings are just the opposite. These are highly
stylized colorful and graphic designs, which Christina creates by using acrylic paint, paperclips,
and nail heads instead of brushes.
Christina’s professional career as an artist began at the tender age of 14. From that time
forward the artist received formal education in the Arts first as a high school student at the
Governor’s School of the Arts in Kentucky and later as a college student at Eastern Kentucky
University, where she earned a BA in Metalsmithing and Art History.
Throughout Christina’s career she has won multiple awards and exhibited her art all over the
United States. The artist’s work has been collected by private and corporate patrons from all
over the world. Today Christina spends most of her time working at one of her private studios
in Lake Toxaway, Nc and Spartanburg, SC. The artist also exhibits her art at her personal gallery
the Dahliallama Art Gallery in Brevard, NC, as well as a variety of other galleries in Carolinas
and Kentucky.

Instagram:  +  art_of_dahliallama  +  dahliallama_designs

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