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Jeffrey Piper

Type of Work: mixed media

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Jeffrey S Piper

Jeffrey S Piper was born in December of 1976 in Warren, Ohio. He received my Bachelors of Fine Arts from Kent State University with a minor in education in 2002. Jeffrey began teaching art classes at the high school level in 2003 in the town he grew up. In 2010 Jeffrey was the first graduate student to obtain a Masters of Arts degree from the new program offered at Youngstown State University with a concentration in studio painting. Jeffrey started adjunct work at the university level in 2015 as a ceramics instructor at Mount Union University and the same year started teaching as an Art History instructor through Eastern Gateway Community College. The next year Jeffrey started adjuncting classes through his allamatter graduate school where he teaches Art Fundamentals and Drawing through Youngstown State University.

Jeffrey’s education has been concentrated in painting however, he is not shy to create in the field of ceramics and often use a mixed media approach to all his work.

Jeffrey S Piper has been involved with many local shows and galleries, including The Butler Institute of American Art, The Hoyt, The Soap Gallery of Youngstown, Ohio, Gallery 29 of Sharon, Pennsylvania, The Mac Worthington Gallery of Columbus, Ohio, and the Beta Gallery of Galveston, Texas. Jeffrey works both as a gallery and a commissioned artist.

Artist Statement:
Current Body of Work
Closer to Comprehension

“Closer to Comprehension” is an exhibition that thoroughly explores abstract art and the common viewer. Through years of teaching art education and while also exhibiting my own work, it has been evident that a large amount of people are confused and/or turned off by abstract works of art. Misunderstanding of these formal paintings often lead the common viewer to disregard. I have discovered that by placing the simplest of recognizable subjects into an abstract composition that viewers will now often stop to appreciate (or attempt to understand) an abstract piece. I have found that a connection to imagery is the draw that can hold a viewer whether they are appreciators of content or the composition of the work.

As an abstract painter, my goal is to create intriguing compositions that have the ability to take on different meanings for all those that see the work. Each work has significance to me with it’s own storyline, however my hopes are to stir some sense of emotion in others as well. By placing the simple recognizable images to hold a (normally disinterested) viewers attention I have discovered the ability to bring non-abstract appreciators into a world of non-objective visual communication.

The nature of these works have taken on more of a collaging process and therefore has inspired the inclusion of popular imagery found in common digital prints along with the traditional medium of paint. Through this mixed media approach it is my hope to create a world where iconography and abstract painting can exist harmoniously in one picture plane to bring a new population into the world of the abstract.

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