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Terri Nunn

Business Name: Terri Nunn Fine Art
Type of Work: Watercolor, acrylic, pastel

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Website: Instagram: Terri Nunn Fine Art

Facebook: Terri Nunn Fine Art


Painting is my way of expressing my deepest thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I am inspired by a love for nature and her vibrancy, color, wanting to express compassion for others, the pouring out of my heart on canvas.

I love happy colors. I'm most inspired by the softness of impressionism...the colors sing and are palpable on the canvas. You want to touch them - experience their brilliance.

I want my viewers to identify with the utter joy I feel in laying paint on paper...creating and giving to others with my drawings.

I love to see the colors of my watercolor palette bleed and swirl into an entirely new nuance. It's magical. Art takes me to a place of serenity, peace, and escape.

I am most influenced by the impressionists Van Gogh and Monet. I become intoxicated with the bold, wild colors and the shining gold and finite detail of Klimt.

My latter days have become my best days for the sheer joy of creating and painting my heart onto canvas. I believe that these shall be my best years yet.

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